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Niki De Saint Phalle

Niki De Saint Phalle, was an artist that fought for woman's equality and freedom of expression. She rebelled against her conservative parents wishes to be a housewife. She instead chose the path of an artist by default after pursuing art as a result of a nervous breakdown. She lived a sad life in a destructive male-dominated environment. Her father raped her at the age of 11 and when she tried to rebel by eloping at the age of 18 she fell into a marriage that put her in the same position she tried to escape from her whole life. She did not want to be a housewife. She wanted freedom.

Through her therapy she found solace and tranquility by becoming an artist. Her sculptures, reminiscent of Gaudi, are colorful objects that light up a room or outdoor space. Playful and exciting, these works are lit up in outdoor grounds throughout the world. Especially in San Diego where they are in Balbo Park and the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla. She was inventive as a painter by creating sculptures filled with paint that were then shot with a gun to create images on wood.

Phalle was a strong feminine force in a male-dominated art arena. She worked tirelessly her whole life until her untimely demise, always remembered as one of the greatest woman artists of our time.


Niki De Saint Phalle

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