Roger Kuntz

Roger Kuntz is an artist that focuses on realistic urban life. Inanimate objects such as underpasses seem to be his specialty. The urban landscapes harken the road leading in and out of cities but pull the viewers into a cold street world. These street scenes are devoid of human life and our a social commentary of life and our modern world's bleakness of technology and highways.

Avoiding beautiful realism and shooting for a stark and void life, Kuntz has made an important impact on California Art as a whole, pulling audiences away from typical themes such as landscapes, beaches and people. His pieces are hanging in Museums around the world and have changed the way people view realistic themes in paintings.

His works have inspired future painters interested in photo-realism with a twist with subjects not inclined towards the usual fair. These callous bleak worlds speak of a hollow shrill highway of life where people would rather take the hastier way home. Born in 1926, he lived through abstract expressionism and minimalism sticking to his original realism. He left us to soon in 1975 and yet we are still impacted by his contribution to art history. At the Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach, CA in 2009 they portrayed his work with a giant retrospective, titled "Roger Kuntz: The Shadow Between Representation and Abstraction". Curator Susan M. Anderson wrote in the exhibition catalog: "Kuntz's work of the late 1950s and early 1960s quintessentially embodied the experimentation, fragmentation, and paradox in American culture of the time."

Now looking forward we see this style repeated today as a new generation of artists still interested in figural and landscape work look towards Kuntz as a guide into the strange and foreboding world of urbanity.


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