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John Ruby

Culver City Art Scene

Guatemala is the main focus in this informative exhibit at MCASB. Guatemala's changing political climate has always effected the people and artists have drawn from these changes.... more.. John Ruby is a multidisciplinary artist that hails from the windy city. Ruby uses several processes to complete his profound contemporary work. Using photography...more.. The Culver City Arts District has grown from it's humble beginnings over fifteen years ago to a major force in the LA scene. Blum and Poe were the bricklayers for the foundation of what... more..

George Euresti

Edan Milton Hughes

Jarett Rudar

George Euresti is both a Cubist and Surreal artist that echo's Classical technique. His current body of work has been inspired by History and Culture from Native Americans and... more.. Edan Milton Hughes wrote the definitive encyclopedia of California Artists from 1786 to 1940. Though in his own words he declared that the book could not be ever considered definitive...more.. Jarett Rudar is a blind artist who paints by taping sections and or feeling where one color touches the other by the use of tacks. Yes that is right folks. Jarett is blind... more..

Carlos Estevez

Carlos Estevez' recent exhibition at Couturier Gallery on Saturday April 2nd 2016 was filled with sculptural wonders that brought a sense of Calder into the room. Estevez, a Cuban sculptor and painter, definitely .. more..

Michael Duncan

Michael Duncan is a painter that lives and works in Dallas, Texas. He coined the phrase "Soundism", to descibe his style of art in which he paints to music. This has a dramatic effect on the outcome of the final...more..

Alphonso Acosta

Alphonso Acosta is a contemporary visual artist that creates artwork through a generous degree of stages. From burning the paintings in the fire to scraping and repainting numerous times, his process is quite.. more..

Dolphin and Hawk Contemporary

With a new penchant for detail this revolutionary Art Gallery provides a unique direction for the art in the United States. They sell Post-Post Modern Art and then donate 50% of their profit to the environment.. more..

Niki De Saint Phalle

Niki De Saint Phalle, was an artist that fought for woman's equality and freedom of expression. She rebelled against her conservative parents wishes to be a housewife. She instead chose the path of an artist by default... more..

Roger Kuntz

Roger Kuntz is an artist that focuses on realistic urban life. Inanimate objects such as underpasses seem to be his specialty. The urban landscapes harken the road leading in and out of cities but pull the... more..

Go Suga

Born in Hiroshima, Japan Go migrated to Australia and settled on the Gold Coast in Queensland 1990. A blend of fine art and Pop Art, Go has found an artistic zen-like balance living in Australia. Go completed..more..


The Pasadena Museum of California Art presents a wide range of California art, architecture and design from 1850 to the present, by exploring the cultural dynamics and influences that make California unique..more..

Carolyn O'Neil

Carolyn O’Neill has been painting since 2003 and resides in Melbourne, Victoria. Although her preferred medium is painting, she also explores drawing, mixed media collages and sculpture. Her work is abstract in... more..

Joaquin Carter

Joaquin Carter, an architect by trade reveals his painting style to the public unyielding. This New York Artist, born in Mexico is a favorite among collectors of Fine Art in California as these two states are.. more..

Bakersfield Museum of Art

The Bakersfield Museum of Art is a world class Museum that has on loan a collection from SFMOMA as well as a beautifully curated exhibition on the Human Face in Portaiture featuring seventeen artists..more..

Artamo Art Gallery

Artamo Art Gallery is a Contemporary Gallery in Santa Barbara that focuses on Mid-career and established artists. With many styles to choose from, collectors can view the work from minimalism to color field artists.more..
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