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D+H Contemporary

With a new penchant for detail this revolutionary Art Gallery provides a unique direction for art sales. They sell Post-Post Modern Art and then donate 50% of their profit to the environment. They recently had a write up on the Gallery in the San Diego City Beat. The Gallery features noted artists and emerging talents from around the world.

They feature cutting edge work and new art trends the public have yet taken notice of. They have also featured J.Hinos, an Environmental artist who donates a percentage of his profit to environmental causes and sites him as the influence for opening the gallery.

Tasha Zogo, the Art Director and Gallery Owner says she loves selling art and giving people a reason other than just hanging the art on their walls. "It is a symbol" she says "the art represents the cause of helping the environment and the arts community."

The gallery is one of a kind while Zogo has been an art dealer for over ten years and she says she hasn't looked back. Zogo, now 33, enjoys informing the public of new emerging artists and art trends. She has taken the gallery around the country promoting art and culture in the U.S. and beyond. Zogo, who was born in Montenegro, has offered something new for the restless public. To see and breathe the local artists and to foster them into a long career of making art.

William Grob (U.K.), "Death doesn’t get it" 11.2 inch X 17inch. 35mm photograph printed on Inkjet. Drawn on with paint markers.
D+H Contemporary; Gallery Contact: 310   902   1116


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