Joaquin Carter

Joaquin Carter, an architect by trade, reveals his painting style to the public unyielding. This New York Artist, born in Mexico is a favorite among collectors of Fine Art in California as these two states are so diversely connected. Joaquin is a full time artist that lives and works in New York City. He brought to the stage of art is 30 years of experience as an architect. His art is extremely organic in quality.

Carter was born in Sonora, México in 1964. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arizona in 1988. Further studies included a six-month residency in Mexico City in a joint program of the University of Arizona with the Universidad La Salle (Mexico City). Carter fulfilled alternating roles as an illustrator, Design Team member and Project Director include Casa Canales (Monterrey, México), the Centre Georges Pompidou Dining Terrace (Paris), the Sanda Cultural Center and Athletic Facility (Sanda, Japan) and the Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall (Fukuoka, Japan).

Joaquin's work has an organic feel that is quite alluring. There is something there that speaks to audiences globally. Art is the universal language and it is apparent in his compositions. Innate sensibilities become key motivational visual cues in the globs of paint that permeate around Joquin's canvas walls. Tree-like stems give off primordial secrets to our own human behavior. Child-like and earthen these paintings have strong ties to our own physiology as well. Beyond the inner meanings lye work that is both appealing visually, Carter is an artist who shows promise in the cut-throat New York art scene and global art market.