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Artamo Art Gallery

Santa Barbara is not really known for its revolutionary and forward thinking artists and art. One conjures up New York, Los Angeles or Chicago for artists that pushed boundaries. Artamo is a Gallery situated amongst very simple and often redundant art that is present in most beach communities thru-out California. Landscape and realism has become such the norm on the California coast that you would think it is 1880 all over again. When Monet and the other Impressionist had to fight their way to the top of the food chain, the first abstraction in style, the public was not easily swayed.

Enter Artamo gallery, a gleaming light of Abstract and Abstract Expressionism in Santa Barbara, so much, that it is refreshing to see such a change. You would think these styles are new because the resistance of the other galleries to show this type of work is clear. Artamo makes no apologies and continues to strive to show out-of-the-box art. Most of the other Santa Barbara galleries really only want to satisfy the tourists and conservative-natured realists. However recent studies show that more high profiling collectors are shifting back to Post-Modern and abstract art when ten or so years ago a resurgence in Realism started taking place. We are not against realism by a long stretch but when see time and time again the same boring beach and floral art on the coast we tend to get a bit sleepy, yawwwwnnn....

Artamo received the Best Gallery in Santa Barbara Award and we hope that other galleries take note at what is going on inside those walls. .

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